Azure Eyes

You remind me of the summer. Your golden and dark brown hair, the way your azure eyes sparkle and shine under the light of the sun. The subtle flush pink of your lips, like a Garden Phlox of June. The warm touch of your skin, its resplendent elegance and its angelic splendor. The high tide of midnight is like your soul, gone within the blink of an eye, and back before the last star falls. You are like the bottom of a daytime ocean, mysterious and inviting, secretive yet conspicuous. Your spirit is reminiscent of a July sycamore, reaching for the empyrean and basking in the sunlight. Your mind is inspired by summer rain, its tragic beauty, its humid air and sticky fog. A kaleidoscopic sunset, a sky dappled with the grays of the dead of night, spotted with the hues of agony and the complexion of bliss. Like a forest canopy of late May, you are not all that meets the eye. On the surface, you are reserved, living within yourself and exploring your depths. On the inside, though, you are uproarious, bustling with laughter and life and joy, fostering an entire ecosystem. The 8 o’clock fireflies could be your sisters, glowing in the darkest of times, gracing the world with their neon light. You are the last night of August, blown off into the wind, taking with you the last of the picnic days and the starry skies of nights wasted in your embrace and afternoons spent intertwined. But you are also the dawn of the first September morning, bringing with you the chilly kiss of autumn and the promise of a bright winter.

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  • Mr. Nico Salvatore DeGrazia III May 13, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    This is very exquisite and emotional. Where can I buy this amazing piece of work. I’ll give you $4,000,000 for it. Please, continue making this beautiful and inspiring art.