A fresh candle added to the cake
Flame flickering like a sunset
Marking another year of my life
Each one representing
The width and depth and breadth of it
painful regret
deep blue sorrow
warm, cozy contentedness
purple sparks of joy
black holes of loneliness
bubbles of laughter
red thrummings of love
flares of deeply rooted anger
pits of depression
constant struggles with fear
flashes of bright exhilaration
orange hot strength and determination
The candles blend memories together
On its own, each one burns intensely
Together they soften
Melding into a velvety, golden glow
Bathing me in the beauty of my life
An offering, an opportunity to give thanks
For the myriad experiences that have brought me here
For a new candle, another year

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About the author

Sarah A. Willis holds an MSW with a focus on early childhood development. She is a creative person, loves music and books, and is a novice poet. Her poetry attempts to put voice to her life experiences and to assuage the devastating effects of lifelong Clinical Depression. Sarah currently resides with her family in Kansas City, MO.




  • Rania El-Guindy April 17, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    Yes. A lot can happen in one year. Love this!