Emotion (Version 2)

Hold them in
The emotions in my head
Battling each other to escape
The prison I keep them in
Too much emotion scares you
I try to be restrained
Sometimes my mouth won’t stay closed
My hands search for you
As it gets to be too much to contain
Feelings emanating from my fingertips
Too much emotion scares you
But that is who I am
I feel deeply
I overflow
I need
I want
I care
Unresponsiveness makes me recoil
Fold in on myself with doubt
After all this time
I still ask myself
Will I drown him
If I open the doors, let the feelings tumble out

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About the author

Sarah A. Willis holds an MSW with a focus on early childhood development. She is a creative person, loves music and books, and is a novice poet. Her poetry attempts to put voice to her life experiences and to assuage the devastating effects of lifelong Clinical Depression. Sarah currently resides with her family in Kansas City, MO.