Expressions of love vary greatly
Yours so different from mine
I crave your touch like a hunger
Need your focused attention
Desire to see passion in your eyes
Your shield, so good at deflecting
Pushing back at me unknowingly
Your face unreadable
Your eyes blank
Giving up nothing
Hiding in distractions
Thoughts tangled up in so many things
I try to be satisfied with what you can give
Pick up every crumb and hold it dear
But the need returns, asserts itself
Threatening this delicate balance
Contentment with what I have
A dance that swirls inside me
Moving to its own beat
I don’t mean to be too demanding
The music becomes deafening
I have to reach out to feel complete

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Emotion (Version 2)

About the author

Sarah A. Willis holds an MSW with a focus on early childhood development. She is a creative person, loves music and books, and is a novice poet. Her poetry attempts to put voice to her life experiences and to assuage the devastating effects of lifelong Clinical Depression. Sarah currently resides with her family in Kansas City, MO.