half of a heart

whether they’re still alive

or whether they have passed,

loss is loss

just as love is love

or as fury is fire


her cedar casket was lowered into the ground

and that was the day

that I lost half of my heart


I walked around each day for the next few years

looking for my heart’s half. living a

careful, cautious life. I was fragile, broken.

only living with half of a human heart


I met a girl who worked to mend my missing piece

the stars in her eyes possessed magic and with each day

we got closer, I could feel my weak old heart growing

fuller, stronger


for five years her existence collided with mine and

finally, I felt warmth in my chest

where there had always been ice


year six rolled around and suddenly

she decided that fixing my heart

left her with only a half, so she left

taking back the half of her heart that I had grown to love


I haven’t been the same since.

people aren’t meant to be half of a whole

my heartstrings were plucked, what was left of my heart bled out

wounds too deep to stitch

I think I died that day

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