Lost In Translation

I’ve come to terms with the fact

that I’m often misunderstood

and misjudged.

There is blame to share.


It is timing,



and transparency.

Some people have been harsh,

and I haven’t always been honest,

with them or myself.

Sometimes I hid myself too well,

Always in plain sight.

I never made sense,

So I stopped clarifying,

I made that choice.


Some days

The pain of it all

Sits heavy on my heart.

I hate it when my isolation

And displacement

are so obvious.

I stick out

For being alone,

The contrast

Is undeniable.

I’m embarrassed

And tongue tied.

So some days,

its frustrating

and acutely lonesome.

But mostly,

I’m content with the fact

That I’m misunderstood.


is not something I seek anymore.

Meaning is what I want,

And now I have the freedom

To find it.

I know where I came from,

And I have a few souls

To cling to.

I’m not known

Or celebrated,

But I know my story,

And finally,

That, by itself,

Is as comforting

And satisfying

As I make it sound.

About the author

Alexandra Wolf is a 23 year-old graduate student, poet, and writer based out of Brooklyn, NY. She lives in DUMBO with her french bulldog Luna, and her hound rescue puppy named Pippin. Originally from Middleburg, Virginia, she grew up riding horses on a farm. Her love for poetry first took form in her freshman english class (taught by poet and beloved teacher Paul Bergan) at Foxcroft School for girls. Her passion and talent for creative writing flourished throughout her time at Foxcroft, culminating In 2010, when she received the Senior English Prize (awarded to the top student demonstrating exceptional written work and passion for english). From there, she went on to earn her bachelor's in art history, politics, and entreprenuership at Wake Forest University. Currently, she is producing new written work and pursuing her master's degree in global health communications at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health.




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