September 17

Heavy teardrops pour like rain
Soaking my clothes
Clouding my vision
What color were your eyes?
Do you forgive me?
Do you know how much I miss you?
Is part of you still with me?
Unanswered questions
Elusive memories
Words Unspoken
Slipping through my fingers
Splashing into puddles on the ground
Daring to look in
Finding only reflections of myself
Lost in the torrent of the storm
The wind whispers in my ear
“It won’t rain forever”

About the author

Sarah A. Willis holds an MSW with a focus on early childhood development. She is a creative person, loves music and books, and is a novice poet. Her poetry attempts to put voice to her life experiences and to assuage the devastating effects of lifelong Clinical Depression. Sarah currently resides with her family in Kansas City, MO.