quite close to all I have of my heart told me

If we’re able to look past all our happy days

and forget just like that

why can’t we do the same with our sad ones.

I am but a blind man

hanging on to colours from a past life.


Another time


caught me with my dreams torn and told me

it is not hopeless yet

I disagreed.

Hope is but a tangent,

it does not do to wear it on my sleeve,

it winds and tangles itself into heartstrings so that

everything breaks when it decides to.


Often times

that someone

sees me with my eyes half closed

pupils blown open

and my sleeves torn to shreds and tells me

to put my mind at rest.

Only yesterday did I realize

I do not need to see nor hope

to have this someone by my side

and remind me to hold tight to the light.

About the author

Rory Z. is a aspiring writer from Hong Kong. She enjoys classical music, books, computers, and is currently a student, hoping to pursue medicine in the future.