i press play
and close my eyes
as an attempt to focus
or maybe meditate.
i hear my voice
and it sounds different.
the one i have now
is a brand new voice
even though it still has
the same frequency.

i listen a bit more and
it’s as if
someone else
is talking
about things
that don’t matter
to me anymore
even though
they once filled
my every waking moment.
it’s not part of who i am now.
and that feels good
because i know
that a few years from now
i will have the same thought.

i am not one person
i am many persons
blended into one soul.
when the time is right,
one of them hibernates
while another wakes up
from deep slumber.

i curl my fists
around something
i know for sure;
no matter how weak and shaky
my voice is,
it makes a difference.

i let my vocal cords dance,
and the melody fills
the surrounding medium
making ghosts
of past life
listen and learn,
and maybe
dance along too.

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Rania is a quiet girl with a not-so-quiet mind. She loves reading and writing (obviously). She has a mild obsession with Myers-Briggs personality typing.