I need you like an insomniac

needs black coffee

with three extra espresso shots at 6am.

I want you like an alcoholic

wants 12 glasses of wine

in one single sitting.

I crave you like one craves summer

after 6 months

of unbearable winter.

I long for you like I long for air

after jumping off of the poolside

and taking forever to float back up;

long for the taste of your lips,

pressed against mine,

to feel the warm electricity of your body plunging

from you,

onto me; captivating,

paralyzing me in the moment.

Loving you is like trying to explain what water tastes like;

trying to teach a blind person

what the color blue looks like.

Loving you is simply indescribable.

There’s no way to explain

how much I want you,

how much I need you,

how much I crave you;

no string of words is deserving

enough of you.

This feeling, it’s like cold coffee

in the morning, and late night drives,

and everything wonderful

all packed together into one,

and even then, it’s never enough

to describe the feeling of love.

What I feel for you is deep,

bone chilling,

chest heaving,

head over heels,

L O V E.

More breathtaking than anything

I’ve ever felt before.

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  • Shelly April 9, 2016 at 10:36 am

    This is beautiful.